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  • Low Premiums
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Local Service
  • Fast Claims Settlement
  • No-claims Cash Rebates
  • Fast & Courteous Service
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How can I benefit financially?   In general, insurance works by charging premiums that are high enough to cover the medical costs of both healthy and unhealthy members enrolled in a plan. With HealthOne, however, you receive the cost advantage of a young and healthy membership. HealthOne gives you the medical coverage you need without throwing money away on more coverage than you want. What's more, if you remain healthy and file no medical claims during a full one-year certificate period, you will receive a 10% cash rebate* in your next certificate period. And if you stay healthy for two full years, we'll add on additional Benefits* to help keep you well!

Easy sign up with 3-month, 6-month & 1-year plans available  We realize how hard it can often be for newcomers to Japan to make ends meet. That's why we created short-term plans for those who don't want to pay an entire year's premium all at once. Not to mention the fact that there's absolutely no sense in having to buy a year's worth of insurance if you're planning on being in Japan for only a few months.

Enhanced Health Benefits   We're serious about your continued good health. If you stay healthy and experience no medical issues during a two-year period, you'll be eligible to receive additional Wellness Benefits* to help keep you healthy. Annual physical exams, eye and ear checks, teeth cleanings, mammograms and other preventative services are included. We believe that healthiness is one of the best forms of insurance - that's why we're HealthOne!

Hospital Cash Bonus   Unfortunately, misfortunes sometimes do occur. If you're hospitalized for a covered accident or illness, the HealthOne Plan will pay you ¥5,000 for each consecutive night of confinement, beginning with the fifth and until and including your sixtieth day. That's cash paid directly to you - not the hospital, not the doctor - to spend as you see fit.


We think people who live a healthy lifestyle should be rewarded with lower insurance costs. If you have no medical claims during a full one-year coverage period, you'll get a 10% Cash Rebate* on medical insurance in your next coverage period.

*Terms and conditions apply

Because HealthOne is in Japan, premiums and claims are paid in yen with less hassle. And whenever you need to talk to us it's a local call, because we're right here with you.

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