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Although your HealthOne benefits are only for use in Japan, you don't have to be without coverage when you travel out of the country. HeathOne recommends Travelers Trust, a comprehensive and reliable international travel medical plan at rates which are very competitive. Coverage is so affordable that protection for a short trip abroad could cost you as little as an afternoon lunch in Tokyo. Here's how it works...

When you need to buy travel medical insurance, just complete the brief online Instant Travel Insurance Quote Form and click the Quote button. You will instantly be presented with a quote and if you like it, you can just continue on to order the insurance. You can order from 1 day up to a year but the minimum cost is 5 days.

When ordering, be sure also to enter 'Japan' as your Home Country, even if you are not a Japanese citizen. Japanese family members are also welcome to order this travel insurance.

Many westerners take advantage of this quality coverage when traveling to other Asian countries while living in Japan. But it can be used virtually anywhere in the world. You can use this in your country of citizenship as well. However, U.S. citizens cannot use this insurance to travel to the U.S. and Australians also cannot use it in Australia.

Easy, convenient -- and paying is a breeze, too!  You can order online with your credit card. Buy as many or as few days as you'll need. And if your travel plans change, you can always purchase more, if necessary. You can even change your itinerary on the spur of the moment. How's that for peace of mind? Let Travelers Trust show you why they're one of the most trusted names in international travel.

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